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What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

Our team is committed to providing superior products, excellent customer service and a great value for our home restoration and improvement services.  Here is some of the feedback we have received from satisfied customers over the years.


      This was really a great experience. I admit I was skeptical in the beginning. I was waiting for "the catch" but it never came! Our entire home received new siding, roofing and gutters and we only had to pay a $500 deductible. Our home looks brand new! 

      I was able to pick out all of the colors and make it look like I had always dreamed. We would not have been able to afford this kind of renovation at any time in the near future. We are incredibly fortunate to have come across this opportunity.

    - by Amy C.


    We did not realize we had damage to our home. Luckily Illinois Insurance Restoration identified and explained everything so that we could get the necessary repair work done within the allowed time period with our insurance company. We are very fortunate to have been helped by our representative through this process. 

    - by Katherine M.


      My parents speak spanish and my neighbors speak polish. Illinois Insurance Restoration had a bilingual representative to help both families very easily. We really appreciate they're ability to accommodate both families. The work that they did was great as well.

    - by Jose R.

  4. Illinois Insurance Restoration handled everything for us and in a couple weeks time, from start to finish, our home was better than new.

    - by Joe R.

  5. These young men worked very hard in tough conditions. The temperature was in the 90's when they did most of our siding renovation. We provided all the water and snacks to help out but we are still amazed at their work ethic. They came every day and were happy to work despite the extreme heat. We are very happy with our new house!

    - by Gladys M.


      We did not get the settlement from our insurance company that we believed we were entitled to.  We did not know very much about the insurance claims process and thought we could handle everything ourselves. I was referred to Illinois Insurance Restoration from a co-worker who was very happy with their experience with their claim. To make a long story short, Illinois Insurance Restoration resolved everything and we are very satisfied with our home's new exterior!

    - by Christy S.

  7. An amazing transformation of my home! The staff and crew were professional and polite. A fantastic experience from start to finish.

    - by Mike P.